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Butuan City Mindanao

Butuan City is said to be the major trading center in the region of Caraga. It is a multi-lingual city which uses the native dialect known as the Butuanon. Cebuano and English are also heard from the natives of the land. Here are some relevant tourism facts for the place.

Just like any other places in the southern portion of the Philippines, Butuan City could be reached through air, sea and land. It has a main airport which serves domestic flights. This is the known as the Bancasi Airport Proper.

Taking a trip to Butuan by the sea is also possible with boats coming from Manila, Cebu and Bohol. Manila, being the farthest route to and from the shores of Butuan, could bring you to the city through 26 hours of travel time. If you would want to explore any point in Mindanao, you could reach the various towns and municipalities via land transportation.


While you are in the area, you could ride a jeep, tricycle or bus depending on your choice. Metered and non-metered taxis are also available. You may also rent a car upon request with some of the city’s hotels.

The dry season in Butuan City usually starts from March and ends in September. The rest of the year is wet with occasional rainfall, monsoon rains and thunderstorms. A minimum temperature of 66˚F could be experienced in the city but it could reach as high as 85˚F.

Butuan celebrates its own version of Cebu City’s Sinulog Festival which is called the Kahimunan Festival. This is an event which pays tribute to the Sto. Niño and is celebrated every third Sunday of January. The term means gathering thus it is filled with a lot of elements from Christianity to tradition.
In commemoration of the Hoisting of the Philippine Flag in Mindanao, Butuan City celebrates the occasion every January 17. Other festivities in the place are the Butuan Trade Mission to China, Cultural Festival, Abayan Festival and the Adlaw hong Butuan.

Visiting Butuan would not be complete unless you see the Agusan River. Known as the biggest and longest river in Mindanao, you could take a cruise to explore the rich cultural and historical heritage of the city. This is where the Abayan Festival was born to pay tribute to Senora Sta. Ana. A day of fluvial procession and baroto races marks the celebration.

There are also museums in the place which you will surely love. One of which is the Balangay Shrine Museum which could be seen 5 km. from the city proper. They also have the Butuan National Museum which has two galleries exhibiting the culture and history of the place.

You may also take time to see other tourist destinations like the Mount Mayapay, Bood Promontory 1st Easter Mass Eco Park, Banza Church Ruins, Magellan’s Landing Site and the Nipa Wine Distillery. The variety of sights you could see in the place is definitely inviting.

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