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Digos City Mindanao

DigosDigos City is the capital of the province of Davao del Sur in the Philippines. The city lies on the eastern shores of Davao Gulf on the island of Mindanao.
There are a lot of tourist spots to enjoy and celebrate in Digos City. Digos being called us the "City of Sweet Mangoes", Having a modern shopping malls and night life that readily complement its accessible beaches and abundant supply of fresh seafood and etc...

The city was strategically lies on the eastern shores of the Davao Gulf and also in the southern foothills of the Mt. Apo in the island of Mindanao. Also According to the Newest census, that it has a population of 145,514 people in 26,306 in the households.

The Digos City is now part of the (Metropolitan Davao) the Metro Davao and is known as the "Mango Capital of Philippines".
The Digos was converted into a city, In the year 2000.


Back in the early days, the Digos was a watercourse, this is a meeting place of inhabitants belonging to the Austronesians settled along the southern foothills of Mt. Apo. The Digos River meets the Davao Gulf and it is ideal for fishing and bathing.

Also During the Spanish Era, a group of natives carrying bows and arrows were approached by some Spaniards traversing the very fertile tracks of land in Davao. One Lopez Jaena Pacheco, a conquistador during the administration of Governor Claveria serving as the head of the group, inquired about the name of the place from the barefooted natives. Believing that the Spaniards were asking where they were bound to, the natives answered "Padigus", which means "to take a bathe". Since then the place was identified as Digos.

As a portion of the "food bowl" of the province of Davao del Sur, otherwise known as the Padada Valley, Digos lured many migrants, majority of whom came from the Visayas and Ilocos regions to settle permanently in the area. Before World War II, an enterprising American by the name of N.E. Crumb leased 10.24 km² and transformed the place into an Abaca Plantation. This became the hub of economic activity in the locality during those days.

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