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Tagum City Mindanao

TagumTagum City travel guide includes vibrant festivals as well as local attractions. Over the years there has been an effort to improve the infrastructure of the city and the city provides all the necessary amenities to tourists. The city is visited for commercial and business reasons as well as for tourism. The vibrant local culture that has been passed down from generation to generation is reflected by the many festivals held every year. A visit to the city during a festival will offer insight into the local culture while allowing tourists to enjoy all the necessary amenities that the cities infrastructure provides. There are many shopping opportunities in Tagum and shopping centers include the New City Commercial Center Mall, JS Gaisano and Gaisano Center.

There is a variety of festivals held in Tagum City which attracts international tourists.The festivals improve tourism as well as developing the skills of the locals. Music is celebrated and developed during the Musikahan Festival which is held in February. The Arae ng Tagum festival is held in March and it celebrates the birth of Tagum City. During the Durian Festival in May cultural productions are held and Durian fruits are sold in abundance at cheap prices. Binuhat Festival held in July shows support for gay people and is a chance to celebrate and have fun. Kaimonan festival offers insight into the culture and rituals of different tribes. Features of the festival include dance performances and traditional music. During the festival the tribes give thanks for the harvest that they have collected.

The climate consists of 2 seasons namely rainy and dry season. The rainy season falls between October and February with the highest rainfall occurring in the months of January and February. The dry season is from March until June. The high rainfall during rainy season may hinder sight seeing and outdoor activities.

Tagum can reached by Davao International Airport. Tagum is 1 hour from the airport and you can get a taxi or bus to the city. Tagum can be reached by sea via the Port of Sasa. It is easy to get around the city by taxi or motorbike taxis. If you are travelling in a taxi that does not have a meter make sure that you negotiate a fare before starting your journey. It is possible to catch buses around the city and for longer trips there are air-con buses available. Another option is to rent a car in Tagum.

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