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Many people only travel to enjoy Davao city nightlife which is exclusive in term of sex tourism. Yes, Davao’s city is mostly known for beautiful girls, bars, clubs, stripping shows and night clubs. But it is hard to find a girl in Davao city as compare to other cities of the country and this is because of the size of the city which is not very big as compare to other cities which are popular for their nightlife.

DA multi-cultural metropolis on the island of Mindanao, Davao is one of largest and most cosmopolitan cities in the Philippines. With the country’s highest mountain, Mount Apo, as its backdrop, this vibrant city offers a mix of fabulous landscapes that include parks like the Eden Nature Park and the Mount Apo National Park, superb beaches, diving waters and islands such as the unspoiled Samal Island.....

I guess the main reason you decided to go to Davao is not to see the Philippine Eagle, but to enjoy the nightlife that is among the most diverse, fun and underrated in all of the Philippines. There are relatively few foreigners making their way down to the capital of Mindanao (with relative I mean in comparison to places like Cebu, Boracay and Bohol), and that means you will get even more attention, smiles and “hi, sir”s than you are used to in this country.

Find bars and pubs in Davao City. Listings include Club Echelon Davao, Stre3ts - Urban × Lifestyle × Pub, Upstairs Rooftop Bar + Kitchen, PERCH Modern Kitchen + Bar, Hybrid Davao and Jack's Ridge Resort and Restaurant. Click on each in the list below the map for more information.
Nightlife in Davao might not seem quite as vibrant as one would expect from a cosmopolitan city with over a million residents - this may be partially due to the alcohol curfew currently imposed here. The curfew forbids the sale and consumption of alcohol in public places between midnight and 8am - a regulation that has forced many business owners to convert bars into restaurants and massage parlours, a transformation most noticeable in Torres Street - the former Davao nightlife hot-spot..

EHere you can find some restobars for night out to enjoy good food and good music in Davao City. Top 10 Best Music bars and restobars in Davao City




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