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Places of interest in Mindanao

Davao Crocodile Park make initiative for you to pay attention to these crocodiles that cannot help themselves from becoming the most critically endangered species in the world. And at this point of time, they need us to fight for their right to live and continually exist for future generations. If we won’t respond, our children and our children’s children may be missing a lot for not seeing one of the living legacies of the “dinosaurs’ era”.

The Center is home to 36 Philippine Eagles, 18 of which are captive-bred. It also houses 10 other species of birds, 4 species of mammals and 2 species of reptiles. Simulating a tropical rain forest environment, the Center offers the visitor a glimpse into the country’s forest ecosystem.

Gallery of Davao is dedicated to finding local art and talents in Mindanao. The gallery cultivates a more personal and long term relationship with artists and with art collectors. Art lessons and workshops are available for summer to students and anyone aspiring to develop their artistic skills.

The transformation of the frequently ugly or bizarre caterpillar into an elegant butterfly - is truly one of the regularly performed miracles of Nature. All butterflies have "complete metamorphosis." To grow into an adult they go through 4 stages: egg, larva, pupa and adult. Each stage has a different goal - for instance, caterpillars need to eat a lot, and adults need to reproduce.

Peace, serenity, bonding and celebration amongst the splendor of creation. Eden is a home to vast gardens of herbs and organic vegetables, lush field of exotic and tropical foliage, acres of lofty pines and fruit trees, and showcases of exotic and indigenous creatures at the Deer Park and Bird Walk.

Matina Square
Dubbed as the entertainment hub of Davao City, Matina Town Square, or simply called "MTS" by the locals, is a popular venue for nightly live band performances of homegrown musical artists particularly on weekends where this small complex is filled with people looking to have a good time or hang-out with friends and meet new acquaintances. It also plays host to several of the city's yearly festivities such as the Kadayawan Festival in August and the Araw ng Davao celebration every March.

Forest Park2
A tourist destination that offers an array of fun activities for the whole family, and for all ages. Located at Barangay Dahilayan, Manolo Fortich Bukidnon, Dahilayan Forest Park is nestled at the foot of Mount Kitanglad 4,700 ft. above sea level. Forest Park was built with the vision of helping develop the tourism industry in Bukidnon and the whole Philippines as well.

Fort Pilar
FORT PILAR (Zamboanga)
Over the past many decades, there has never been made a detailed pictorial representation of the venerable fort of the fabled City of Zamboanga, the place they refer to as "The City of Flowers." It is unfortunate that many people do not have the capacity or the interest to present this pictorial of the historic Fort Pilar, the "Real Fuerza de Nuestra Señora del Pilar de Zaragosa.

The Camiguin culture is a mixture of both Boholano and Cebuano culture. It is very colorful and creative. The people are deeply religious, hospitable and friendly. Cebuano is the major dialect in the Province. However, in the towns of Sagay and Guinsiliban, where most of the indigenous tribes reside, the Kinamiguin dialect is still spoken. Kinamiguin is derived from the Manobo dialect with some mixture of Boholano.

“Ibalik ang Pagkabata Natin”,this is the slogan of the Gloria Fantasyland. Fantasyland is a world class theme park located in Dapitan City. It is the biggest theme park outside of Metro Manila and is comparable to Luzon’s Enchanted Kingdom and Star City, and maybe even Disneyland an international theme park. The park does not look like a “perya” as others may think it is.

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